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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Arvi fry(chema dumpala vepudu)

When i was kid i never liked it. My mother used to prepare as a curry with tamarind paste and i always says no..i don't like it, i won't eat. After marriage and eating routine foods like dal,caulilower,capsicum etc for over a year, i happened to see arvi at indian stores in newjersey and immediately i bought them forgetting my childhood days. I tried the same recipe my mother used to make and to my surprise i liked it. What a change time will bring.. right. Now whenever i see fresh arvi i always buy them. Even in american stores we can find them as taro, scientific name is Colocasia but i found a slight difference, the indians ones are thick in texture i mean when you cut you can see some milky liquid on your knife as opposite to the ones we find in american stores which are dry. Though i like the indian ones you can try with both. Be careful to select the arvi because some are kept for so many days that they have hard lumps and you lose the taste.

Chema Dumpalu(Arvi)-4
about 2-3 green chillies
1 tbsp daniya powder

(Traditional andhra lunch today: Rice,TomaoPickle, Mango dal and arvi fry)

Preparation: For fry i prefer to select long arvi roots because its easy to make slices. Cut arvi into half and boil till it becomes soft enought to remove the outer skin. If its too much soft its difficult to cut properly. The tip is if you have time put the boiled arvi pieces in the refirigerator for sometime then cut into small slices. Remove the skin and cut into thin slices. Now a days we almost stopped fried items as it is not a healthy food. But here because the root is already cooked you need not do much frying just toss in oil for 2-3 minutes on moderate flame until all the pieces are firm and light golden color in color. Now add Green chillies,Curry leaves,Salt and redchilli powder. Let it stay for a minute for somemore time and finally add 1 tbsp dhaniya powder. Goes as side dish for dal.


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