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Monday, August 07, 2006

Congratulations and Thankyou.

After seeing the articles about foodblogs by talented Sravanthi and Vijayashree, i want to express some thoughts after being part of this world for 3 months.

Like many people, iam also looking for a opportunity to kill my boring time. Before having kid i used to watch movies, chatting with friends and sleeping. Now with kid comes the change. i want to utilize my sparing time properly and effectively.

Thanks to the globalisation i got aquainted to many food habits in and out of my country. Having friends from different cultures also probed me to learn more about their cuisines. Whenever i want some recipe i used to google and try them but after a while i forgot that procedure and so again go searching. Then i came across blogs and to my wonder it is like stepping into a different world the more i see the more i get. With photos, the food blogs makes us to crave for them before trying and it is defintely a plus point for the food blogs to gain popularity. I used to think that some kinds of foods (like cakes, cookies, naan etc) can be done by professional chefs and be eaten outside. But iam amazed to see that many like me are preparing them and so why can't i learn and try. This change of attitude is possible only with blogs where we know about the person who prepares it and feel close to them. Another thing is writing skills..after spending 3-4 years at home without doing much i feel like losing grip on my literature and blogging increased my will to improvise and learn. Now, if everyone asks what is that you are gaining sitting before the computer.. i simply smile. Thankyou Blog.

Congratulations to Sailusfood, Mahanandi, Vineelascooking, Green Jackfruit, Chaipani, Gluttony is no sin, SpiceQueen, Onehotstove for leaving your prints in this blog world.


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