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Friday, July 14, 2006

Learning series: 2

Ok..what i learned new?? Recipes made from mango. Yummy isn't it. Probably the only fruit every indian craves more for. When i came to know i was coming to US, i felt so bad for mangoes that i ate so many that year thinking i never gonna taste them but thanks to the globalisation we are not missing mangoes(atleast flavour) here. In India i don't know about pulp being sold in tins and can be used year long, may be there is no need. Here i always have a tin at home. I usually do mango lassi with that. Then i tasted something different in a friend's house prepared from this and gelatin and it is mango pie. I wanted to do at home and and i found it in indira's jihva event thanks to vee for letting me know the method. I made this pie gathering information from my friend and vee. Here is this:

Mango pie

Also i prepared vaishali's methamba-sweet and savoury mango relish. In her blog she mentioned this will go with meals,parathas and dosas and believe me i like so much the sweet,sour and hot taste i ate only methamba and finished it before going to meals.

Mango relish


Blogger Annita said...

Your pie looks very good..

5:07 PM

Blogger archana said...

Looks like you are having a fun mango time, pie and the relsih looks soo good.

10:37 PM

Blogger Vineela said...

Hi Sudha,
Mango relish looks yummy.

5:12 PM

Blogger Puspha said...

The mango pie looks awesome!!

7:29 AM

Blogger sudha said...

Thanks annita,archanat,vineela and pushpa.

9:15 AM


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