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Monday, June 19, 2006

Bread Pakora

There are very few foods which are inseperable from us.. like rice,dal,milk etc. For me this list also contains bread probably because its our daily breakfast,weekend snack and outside sandwich. I wonder how many different types of breads are there..Sliced white bread,loaf bread,italian bread,french bread,bread rolls,hamburgers and so on. Another main thing is..bread is instant, just take out from the refigerator and use. Ok. Our recipe today is bread pakora. Pakora means dipping anything like onions,chillies,eggplant,fish in batter usually in besan flour and deep frying in oil. Its somewhat similar to bajji in andhra cuisine and most popular fast food in india(the smell itself draws the crowds). It has its crispiness when eaten hot and normally served as snacks.

(BreadSlices,Potatoes,Mintleaves,Batter and lemon)

2 cups Besan flour(can be substituted with corn flour)
Bread Slices-8 (crustless)
Potatoes-2(boiled and de-skin)
chopped Mint leaves
chopped Coriander leaves
chillies -4(thinly sliced)
salt and chilli powder(accordint to your taste)

(Bread slices ready to go into oil)

Mix the batter by adding water,salt and chilli powder to the besan flour. The batter should not be too watery. Mash the potatoes add green chillies,salt,mint and coriander leaves, juice the lemon into it. Mix everything and form into 8 balls. Cut the bread slice diagonally giving two triangular shapes. Place the potato ball in a traingular bread slice, spread the ball to cover the bread evenly and cover with another traingular shape bread. Do the same with all the bread. Meanwhile heat the oil in the skillet. Dip each stuffed bread in the batter and deep fry in the oil. Serve hot the bread pakoras with tomato ketchup. Perfect summer evening snack

Hot bread Pakoras

Note: Should be very quick in dipping the bread and placing in oil otherwise the bread will absorb water in the batter, becomes very soft and is difficult to hold to place in oil


Blogger Krithika said...

Bread pakora looks really good. Reminds me of Delhi where the stalls at bus stands would sell this usually served with green chutney.

11:02 AM

Blogger sudha said...

Thank you krithika..I was never been to delhi,it is one of the places i like to visit.

9:51 AM


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