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Monday, June 19, 2006

Learning Series: 1

This session is an attempt to try the recipes of my fellow bloggers. This weekend i learned how to prepare tomato chutney and moongdal payasam. We are great fans of dosas,Thanks to sailaja for letting me know tomato chutney which i have tasted long ago in india. Moongdal payasam heard from my friend before but never tried thanks to indira for step by step explaination. Needless to say that i spent most of my time in kitchen this weekend.

Dosa with tomato chutney,peanutcoconut chutney and pudina karam

Moongdal Payasam:

Moongdal payasam


Anonymous sailaja said...

Welcome to the food blogging world, Sudha. You have made a great start and what wonderful recipes.

I have bookmarked poppy seeds biscuits and carrot cake. Nice recipes. My toddler will love them.

I am so glad you liked the tomato chutney..:)

12:44 AM

Blogger Puspha said...

Mmmmm yummy dosa. I love just them.

12:49 PM

Blogger Vineela said...

Hi Sudha,
Welcome to food blog.
I liked poppyseeds biscuit and bhel which i make in home as q.evening snack.

1:37 PM

Blogger Shankari said...

what is pudina karam? Nice blog BTW.

7:32 PM

Anonymous Annita said...

I'm visiting your blog for first time...Great work and welcome to the world of food blogs,dear..

2:14 AM

Blogger sudha said...

Thankyou sailaja and vineela. Iam happy that you liked poppy biscuits..and yes kids love carrot cake.

Pushpa..mmm..there is nothing like hot dosas for breakfast..right.

Thankyou Shankari,pudina karam is like curryleaves powder but replacing curryleaves with mint leaves.

Thanks a lot anitha.

9:00 AM

Anonymous Indira said...

Looking by the photos, sounds like you had a fun, fulfilling weekend.

Both tomato chutney-dosa combination and moong dal payasam look great! Glad you tried and liked these recipes.

Also thanks for your interest in "Indian Kitchen" series. I usually publish photos for this series on Sundays. If you are interested, publish a photo on Sundays on your blog and I'll link to your post from "Mahanandi".
Thanks Sudha.

12:09 PM


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