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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Top 5 foods i like in my life

Thanks sra for tagging me for this meme(actual name is Top 5 things to eat before you die). Iam excited to sort out top 5 things but makes me difficult to think about life. It is not easy to pick only 5 from numerous favourites, anyhow i tried and here they are

1. Payasam made by my Mother: No calorie counting and no diet. Made with fresh and fat milk, with exact amounts of rice and sweetner(jaggery) my mother prepares this on birthdays and festivals. Eventhough i prepare this at home the taste is of no match. I even have emotional bonding to this sweet that my mother prepared this on my final coming out from my paternal home and i bursted into tears while eating. I laugh sometimes thinking about that but still payasam remains my top favourite.

2. Mango: Even now i crave for this fruit. Summers are sweet for me with this fruit. Not only ripe mangoes i like eating raw mangoes topped with salt and chilli powder shared with my sister and brother. There are even days that i ate only mangoes for breakfast and lunch.

3. Fish Curry: Fish cooked in tamarind sauce eating with hot rice on rainy day..ah what a joy.

4. Fruit of
Palmyra Palm: The palmyra palm trees are most important trees in India and is widely grown in our grandmothers region in EastGodavari District. Just like coconut, this fruit also has thick juice in it usually in three compartments in the fruit and we have to slurp with the help of fingers. It is fun to eat and enjoy.

5. Poori/Batura: It is my favourite restaurant breakfast esp in India. I don't know how they puff so perfectly, seeing them from distance itself makes me hungry.

and so on...


Blogger Ashi's World said...

Hi sudha,
I too love mango and payasam. good to hear about you sudha,visit my web if you have time.

12:53 PM

Blogger sra said...

Sudha, yes, it's a tough call to zero in on just 5 things. I love munjalu. And as a kid, by mistake I once sprinkled kumkum on raw mangoes instead of chilli powder!

2:14 PM

Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

Nice MeMe!! Puri- Bhatura , YUM!!

Happy Deepavali!!:))

2:30 PM

Blogger sra said...

Sudha, thanks for your comment. Hope your Dipavali was happy. For me too, this combination is a first, but v tasty. Try it as soon as you can!

1:36 PM

Blogger KrishnaArjuna said...

Thaati munjalu yum!! That's my favorite too..

9:49 AM

Blogger sra said...

hey sudha, what's up? no posts from you in a while.

9:37 AM


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