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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Corn and Coconut

This month's jihva ingredient hosted by ashwini made me think so much as i want to try something new for myself and in that process i got late( as usual).

In India, Coconut is given so much importance in everyday life. It is someting considered as 'Holy' and is offered to God. One of the reasons is that the water in the coconut is untouched and so it is pure. But in US it is hard to find good and tender coconut. Also another thing concerned about coconut is its nutritional values. Keeping those stories beside i very much enjoy the taste of coconut in any form..in curries,chutney,burfi or eating raw.

I came across this curry at a friend's party and i liked the combination of corn and coconut. The sweetness of corn and crunchiness of coconut gives a unique taste. Also it is simple to prepare.


Corn kernels(cooked)
Shredded Coconut
Light Fried Okra(optional)
One small onion chopped
Curry leaves and tadka/sesaoning ingredients
Salt and chilli powder


Take oil in a pan and do the tadka/seasoning. Saute the onions and chillies. Add corn,fried okra,coconut and saute for sometime until the water is evaporated. Add salt and chilli powder. Serve hot with rotis. Also we can enjoy as a salad or as a evening snack by adding lime juice.


Blogger sra said...

Hi Sudha! Unusual combination of okra and corn, nice pic!

4:38 AM

Blogger Asha said...

Unuasual and excellent entry Sudha!

8:37 AM

Blogger swapna said...

hai sudha
nice dish..interesting recipe..happy pongal to u..

4:08 PM

Blogger sra said...

Sudha, Happy Sankranti to you too!

10:15 AM


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